History of Khiraule School:

Karma Lhakpa Sherpa
(The writer is the former student of Khiraule School)

Education is the main backbone of our life and leads our future. Khiraule village has amazing natural beauty but has fallen behind in every sector of development in the modern age owing to lack of proper education. There was no school building until Pasang Temba Sherpa from Khiraule met Sir Edmund Hillary in 1988 and requested for a small donation to build a school in Khiraule village. He explained the miserable conditions of the village and hearing this Sir Edmund Hillary donated Rs 25000 (£ 250) for the school. Pasang Temba Sherpa then donated some of his land to build the school on for the welfare of Khiraule and its children without any cost. With the help of villagers and Sir Edmund Hilary's donation Pasang Temba Sherpa built a small building with four rooms to run a primary school in 1988. He called it “Khiraule Primary School” and started to run classes up to grade 5, facing various difficulties in this remote village. Pasang Temba Sherpa, was an innocent and illiterate person who was born and bred in Khiraule but his heart was kind and great. His willingness was that no other young generations would face the kind of troubles like he had in the future due to the lack of education. This is why he donated his own land to the school for the welfare of the young generation and his homeland.

This poor school building was damaged again due to a huge earthquake in 1990. The poor Sherpa children had to read by standing in water leaking from the roof of the school in the rainy season.

There were only two teachers provided by the government to run the primary school. Having seen the miserable condition of the school and children, Lhakpa Kitar Sherpa and his wife Patricia Mary Steel from the UK became very sad and promised to help the school from their inner heart. They returned back to the UK and raised some donations which was very difficult. They also donated money themselves and raised some money by selling Nepalese Jewellery they had taken back from Nepal. With this money they built two additional classrooms, provided teaching materials, and money to make a play ground. They planned to raise sufficient to rebuild the school as the building was very old but due to the ten year Maoist troubles were unable to progress with this work until after the Moaists troubles in 2008 when they funded two extra teachers, provided new desks and chairs, white boards, windows, doors, new roof, additional teaching equipment, first aid kit, paint. Lhakpa worked on the new building work. In 2010 they funded the villagers to build two extra class rooms for the school to have a Lower Secondary School and funded a further two teachers. In addition they provided school bags for each child, raincoats, teachers jacket, first aid kit, first aid training for two staff, and sports equipment. They asked the villagers to make all the furniture and donated extra teaching materials as well to standardize the teaching. They are still helping the school and have set up a Charity in the UK called Khiraule Education and Health Project to advance the education and health of the preople of Khiraule. A human being is a sensitive creation of nature of the planet. God is invisible and nobody has seen the actual form of it. But it comes in the form of human being on the earth to change, serve and enlighten life of poor, innocent and uneducated people of the earth. They bring changes in society and country by giving their precious contribution and make delighted all people of the society. Hence, those three people are real god for this village who have opened eyes of the young generation and spread light of education throughout the village. They will remain immortal on the earth forever due to their precious deed because they have given new life for young generation of the village and we never can forget them wherever they go. Currently, two students are doing their Masters Degree in Education in Kathmandu and some others are studying in Intermediate and Bachelor level.

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