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KEHP Charity Progress since registration as a charity:

Since registering as a Charity in 2011 we have been able to build on the progress made since 1995:

1. Teachers

We have funded an extra three teachers, making a total of four teachers now funded by KEHP.

2. Lower Secondary School

Khiraule School Committee requested our help to provided them with a Lower Secondary School. Children after the age of 9 (class 5) had to either leave their schooling or go down to the nearest village a days walk away to the Lower Secondary School. This meant they had to live independently, having to do their own cooking, washing, etc. and living on their own in any rented rooms available. No adults had care or responsibility for them. They returned home only at weekends. Using local people, KEHP, therefore, built a Lower Secondary School, plus a new office, library, and nursery room. KEHP now fund 4 teachers.

3. Clinic

Khiraule had no medical care, the nearest basic clinic being a days walk away and the nearest basic Hospital is some five days walk away, over mountainous Himalayan terrain. KEHP therefore funded the training for two of the teachers in first aid and provided medical supplies. However, the villagers have no access to even basic first aid. Consequently, in March 2013 on a visit to Khiraule Lhakpa’S wife Pat had a meeting with Sotang Clinic regarding how she could set up a Clinic in Khiraule, something she had always known was needed since her first visit in 1995 but which had been impossible. Following helpful guidance and advice from Sotang Clinic she and Lhakpa decided it would be possible for KEHP to help Khiraule to have a Clinic. KEHP accepted their proposal and built a room for a Clinic, provided equipment, and a Health Worker has been appointed. KEHP fund the Health Worker’s salary and running costs. In March 2016 Pat and Lhakpa officially opened the Clinic. The Health Worker has access by phone to Bung Clinic for advice when needed, and they in turn have access to a Hospital in Kathmandu for phone advice.

4. Improved Path to Sotang Clinic 2016

The nearest clinic to Khiraule with a Doctor is a days walk away down mountainous terrain. KEHP have funded the remaking of the path to the Clinic. Lhakpa went to Khiraule in January/February to organize and supervise this work. They have widened the path to 4', taken out huge trees and vegetation, moved large bed rock and rocks, built new bridges, dug out up to 5' in places to make it level, and where possible put in a stone base. It is approximately 10 miles. From the ridge down the mountainside into Sotange has also been improved but more work is required at that side.

5. KEHP update re Earthquake and School Building Work

For the update on what Kehp are doing re the Earthquake and School Building Work please see our News section.

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