Electricity Installation 2018

Lhakpa was successful in negotiating with Bung (the village below) for Khiraule to have access to the excess electricity they are generating from the glacier river near their village. Following a successful feasibility study he had commissioned, KEHP authorized Lhakpa to organize and manage the purchase of equipment, transportation, and installation of electricity into Khiraule. An electrical technician and engineer were involved throughout the project. The task was enormous due, in particular, to the mountainous terrain and remote location of Khiraule. Three huge vehicles were able to take the equipment one day on a tarmac road but faced landslide problems. The rest of the journey was on single track unmade high mountain roads, with many hazards including mud, for two days. The total weight was 16,000kg. Once all the equipment arrived at Bung it then had to be carried by hand to Khiraule, up steep unmade paths, for one day. The Transformer alone weighed 450kg. The whole village assisted - men and women. Once in Khiraule the logistical difficulties continued as the village covers a huge geographic mountainous area, with as much as 3 to 4 miles between some houses. Nevertheless, with all the village involved in digging, carrying, building, etc the 90 houses of the village now have Electricity!!!! All the villagers and Lhakpa provided their time and labour free and all the work (done from sunrise to sunset), was completed in 25 days. They were racing against time as the monsoon was due within weeks. Miraculously they were never hindered by any mishaps, which is quite remarkable given the many things which could have gone wrong!! The people of Khiraule have wanted electricity for many years and KEHP have been able to fulfil their dream. They are very thankful to have a light in their homes.

KEHP opened clinic in Khiraule - 2016

Khiraule had no medical care, the nearest basic clinic being a days walk away and the nearest basic Hospital is some five days walk away, over mountainous Himalayan terrain. KEHP therefore funded the training for two of the teachers in first aid and provided medical supplies. However, the villagers have no access to even basic first aid. Consequently, in March 2013 on a visit to Khiraule Lhakpa’S wife Pat had a meeting with Sotang Clinic regarding how she could set up a Clinic in Khiraule, something she had always known was needed since her first visit in 1995 but which had been impossible. Following helpful guidance and advice from Sotang Clinic she and Lhakpa decided it would be possible for KEHP to help Khiraule to have a Clinic. KEHP accepted their proposal and built a room for a Clinic, provided equipment, and a Health Worker has been appointed. KEHP fund the Health Worker’s salary and running costs. In March 2016 Pat and Lhakpa officially opened the Clinic. The Health Worker has access by phone to Bung Clinic for advice when needed, and they in turn have access to a Hospital in Kathmandu for phone advice.

Improved Path from Khiraule to Sotang 2016

The nearest clinic to Khiraule with a Doctor is a days walk away down mountainous terrain. KEHP have funded the remaking of the path to the Clinic. Lhakpa went to Khiraule in January/February to organize and supervise this work. They have widened the path to 4', taken out huge trees and vegetation, moved large bed rock and rocks, built new bridges, dug out up to 5' in places to make it level, and where possible put in a stone base. It is approximately 10 miles. From the ridge down the mountainside into Sotange has also been improved but more work is required at that side.

Earthquake Update 2016

The KEHP building work was completed five days before the earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April 2015, with all its horrific consequences for Nepal and so many people across Nepal. Many schools in Nepal have been badly damaged or totally destroyed. However, Khiraule school is still able to operate though slightly damaged. The room for the Clinic has not been damaged.

Khiraule was very fortunate as no one in the village has been injured but sadly two young climbing Sherpas from the village died on Everest when the avalanche of ice and rock hit base camp. Some of the houses in Khiraule are now uninhabitable due to large cracks making them unsafe to live in as there are many after shocks, others are damaged. Lhakpa was in Kathmandu when the earthquake struck and was able to get sufficient tarpaulins for Khiraule from different sources in Kathmandu. He arranged for them to be transported to the road head, from where five Sherpas had to carry them for three days over mountainous terrain up to Khiraule. The monsoon had started but thankfully they all had adequate shelter.

After the monsoon in October 2015 it was possible to start assessing what assistance KEHP could give to the people in Khiraule with their rebuilding work. Lhakpa went to Khiraule and in discussion with them assessed what was required. He ordered corrugated roofing, and arranged for this to be taken up to the village. However, the delivery was delayed due to the blockade by India of supplies to Nepal. In March 2016 when Pat and Lhakpa went to Khiraule a large amount of it had been delivered which they were able to distribute. Getting it up to Khiraule required many porters carrying large loads for many days up and down mountainous terrain, to get it there. The remainder will be delivered once supplies are ready. Recovery from the Earthquake damage will be a long process, in particular as there is a huge demand for materials with over 600,000 houses in Nepal needing to be repaired or rebuilt. Discussions are taking place regarding how to assist with the required rebuilding work.

We wish to thank all those who have supported KEHP over the years and enabled us to build the Lower Secondary School, Office, Library, Nursery, a Clinic, and fund four teachers a year, plus a Health Worker. This achievement shows how successful we are at getting things done for Khiraule and we are committed to aim to do the same to assist people in Khiraule rebuild their houses following the terrible earthquake.

Please note we have no administration costs and all the money raised goes to Khiraule. All flights from the UK to Nepal are done at the individual’s own expense.

KEHP School Building Work Update 2016

The building of the Lower Secondary School by KEHP and a room for a Clinic has now been completed together with a new office, library, and nursery room. Improvements to toilets, play area, supply of drinking water, wall display boards, and an enclosure wall were done by KEHP with money from Rotary International led by Kendal Rotary Club.`

Please see our photos on this site of what these items looked like before, and now.

This extensive building work was done by the local people of Khiraule. This is a tremendous achievement in such a remote area, where everything has to be carried and done by hand, as it is many days walk to the nearest road and there is no electricity in Khiruale. KEHP are most appreciative of all their hard work and time. None of this would have been possible without the work of the two Project Managers Gombu Sherpa and Jangbu Sherpa who did a remarkable job ensuring both Projects were done efficiently and effectively. A huge Thank You goes to both of them from KEHP. Also KEHP are indebted to our Chair Mr Lhakpa Sherpa without whom none of this work would have been possible. He has done an incredible job in organizing, running, and ensuring this work on both projects has been done to a high standard and within a very good timetable.

In addition money from Kendal Rotary Club, The Quakers York, Morecombe Scoroptomists, bequests from Richard Crossley OBE and Ellie Maguire, Leeds "Rock for Nepal", Penrith Rotary Club, KEHP members, and numerous very generous donors, enabled this building work to be done.

All the children, teachers, and parents, are delighted with the support they have received from KEHP. Whenever we visit the whole village puts on a fabulous welcoming party of Sherpa and Nepali dance and song, together with a very moving farewell ceremony at the school.

KEHP website re-uploaded

KEHP website, "http://www.khiraule.org.uk" has been re-uploaded for the first time on November 27, 2013 with some changes. The color of MENU and font-face, size and color of entire body-text have been changed. Some of the contents in "Help Us" and "Contact Us" sections have been edited. Similarly, the images in "Photo Gallery" have been modified by providing artistic 'hyperlinks'. Like that, some Meta Tags have been added to make the KEHP website show up on Google Search Engine, and most importantly, the PHP mail() function has been added to KEHP e-mail address so that the visitors can directly send e-mail to KEHP from the KEHP website.

KEHP website uploaded

The KEHP website with the domain name "http://www.khiraule.org.uk" has been uploaded on November 13, 2013 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The website contains detail information about Khiraule Education and Health Project(KEHP) and its project site, Khiraule Basic School which is located in Khiraule village of Solukhumbu district in Nepal. It also contains the collection of beautiful pictures of Khiraule Basic School since 1995. It is a dynamic website which regularly updates important events and news for the viewers.
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